In case of general oral hygiene, we strongly recommend the professional teeth cleaning twice a year.  In case of surgery of the oral cavity, excessive hygiene becomes even more necessary as the primary means of decreasing the risk of infection.

Dental Restoration


This branch of dentistry deals with treating tooth decay when it is still limited in  depth and severity, by removing the diseased part of the tooth and “closing” the cleanly created cavity with a composite material filling.

Modern fillers are newly developed materials, available in numerous shades of color, and require minimal tooth preparation and subsequent care.



Root canal treatment no longer has to be a painful experience.  Technology of today allows us to define the length of the root canal and carefully plan the filling of the same, and most importantly, both can be carried out in a single visit.



Clinic performs interventions in implantology, using biocompatible titanium units, strictly of EU origin. Implants are firmly anchored in the jawbone to replace a missing tooth root.



This set of activities aims to restore a correct and balanced chewing mechanic, by either replacing, or restoring all damaged dental elements. The resulting dentures can be fixed on either natural teeth or implants, or resting on the gums (removable denture).



The set of measures put in place by manipulating the position and general orientation of natural teeth in order to create a proper and balanced chewing mechanism.

Invisible Orthodontics – Invisalign


Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment, an alternative to the traditional metal brace, developed through a series of  removable and transparent tooth covers.

Invisalign treatment is built by an expert orthodontist using a computer program that allows for a virtual simulation of the movement of the teeth and the best possible correction method.



In addition to all the mechanical and health aspects that Orthodontists deal with, Aesthetics and the creation of a visually beautiful dental results is not to underestimated.  From a psychological standpoint of patients, greatest benefits are often attained simply from the increase in self-esteem.