Fear of dentists?

The fear of feeling pain at the dentist’s office is very frequent and makes any pain even less tolerable.

Patients who develop fear of dental care are prone to postpone medical visits, further aggravating proper health.  Untreated conditions are subsequently more complex and expensive to deal with, and can lead to unnecessary complications.


The safe solution: Sedation with nitrous oxide. What is it?

Conscious sedation is a secure and consolidated analgesic technique that allows practitioners to perform dental procedures without pain, anxiety, fear and stress for the patient.

It is a light, non-invasive technique, perfectly suitable for everyone: adults, elderly and children.


How does it work?

The patient inhales a mixture of air, oxygen and nitrous oxide through a nasal mask, in customized percentages based on gender, bodyweight and other factors .

After only a few breaths the effect of complete relaxation takes over, but the patient still remains fully conscious and alert.

At the end of the session the patient is given pure oxygen for a few minutes to help dissipate the effects of nitrous and return to normal.  The patients are immediately able to  leave the dental office alone, drive, or continue on with their regular daily duties.